Sunday * December 21st 2014

Secret memo confirms policy to expel Baha’is from Iranian universities

A copy of a 2006 confidential memo (with English translation) written by Iranian officials confirms that expulsion of Baha’i students from Iranian universities is official government policy, something Iranian authorities have repeatedly denied in recent years.

Of the more than 200 Baha’i students enrolled last fall in Iranian universities, more than 128 have been expelled over the course of the 2006-2007 academic year. Until last fall, the Iranian government had barred Baha’is since 1980 from the country’s institutions of higher education.The Baha’i International Community obtained a copy of the memo, stamped “confidential,” which was issued by the Central Security Office of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to 81 universities around the country.

The 2006 memo makes a clear reference to the secret 1991 Golpaygani memorandum, which was released to the public in 1993 by a United Nations official. Written in 1991, it outlines a comprehensive plan to block the development and progress of the Iranian Baha’i community by denying them “any position of influence” and refusing them employment.

The Baha’i International Community has recently received several other documents and letters that indicate the policy outlined in the 2006 memo is being actively implemented. These documents include:

*A March 17 follow-up letter from the MSRT’s Central Security Office to officials at PayameNoor University instructing them to “prevent the enrollment of the Baha’i applicants”. Download PDF. Download English Translation.

*A May 18 letter from the academic counseling and higher education office at Iran’s Guilan University to the director of university academic affairs, requesting the immediate discharge of a Baha’i student. Download PDF. Download English Translation.

*A May 27 letter, also from Guilan’s academic counseling and higher education office, to the above-mentioned Baha’i student, notifying her that she has been “disqualified” from studying at Guilan. Download PDF. Download English Translation.

Read full story from the Baha’i World News Service.


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